My story.


Witch. Wife. Mother.

I’m a Wilmington native with a life-long affinity for all things magical. However, my journey of healing, spiritual growth, and personal development was only recently catalyzed by the birth of my beautiful boy. The process itself, though, has been anything but beautiful.

I allowed motherhood to strip me of my individuality, falling into a robotic pattern of repetition and stagnation. I was a good mother because I put myself last, pouring all of my heart and soul into this tiny body that I was blessed enough to create. I was a good mother because I was exhausted, starving, and had not showered in days so that meant I was being selfless and self sacrificing. I was a good mother because I had forgotten everything about myself before entering motherhood.

I had forgotten that first and foremost, I am a woman. And now, I’m remembering what that means.

I remember what crystals feel like when I hold them in my hands. I remember that every woman is my sister and sisterhood is sacred. I remember that I love the moon and my cycles mimic hers. I remember that I am a vessel of ancient wisdom and I have all that I need within me to navigate these natural cycles of life, knowing that it all has a purpose.

You do not have to be a mother to feel this isolation, stagnation, and restlessness. It is something we all experience, but I want to remind you who you are.

There is so much power outside of the box we put ourselves in. I’m still in the process of dismantling my box, and I want to help you do the same.

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