Angel Soak

Angel Soak


A decadent blend of pink Himalayan rock salt, nourishing essential oils, and healing herbs, our Reiki-Infused Angel Soak bath blend is designed to bring you indulgence, relaxation, and energetic purification. Combined with an infusion of crystal energy, this mixture of goodness is destined to be your new best friend.

To use: Sprinkle desired amount into bath water and enjoy! You can also enjoy as a foot soak if you don’t have a bath tub. A little bit goes a long way!

Salt is well known for its energetic properties - it has been used as a detoxification method for thousands of years. Salt baths detox your body and energy fields releasing toxins, stagnant, and negative energies into the water while the body simultaneously absorbs the minerals into the skin. These 84 minerals are shown to reduce inflammation and acidity in the body which enhances the body’s ability to stay well.

Using these Himalayan salt rocks helps to balance the pH level of your skin, increases blood circulation and improves the look and feel of your skin—your skin will be glowing after your bath! You would think that after bathing in salt, your skin would feel very dry, but it is actually quite the opposite. The salt promotes cell regeneration and moisture retention, helping to repair dry and irritated skin.

Himalayan salt bath benefits include energetically purifying and rejuvenating your personal energy field and aura, repairing any holes in the aura and removing any blockages. It promotes spiritual, mental and emotional balance by purifying your body of negativity. The Himalayan salt bath benefits can also help to regulate sleep and relieve stress, which will encourage an overall sense of harmony within your day to day life. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed and energetically heavy, try a Himalayan salt bath! You will feel much lighter and calmer afterwards.

***These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or illness. If irritation occurs please discontinue use immediately and consult your physician***

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Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, dried lavender, dried rosemary, dried rose petals, spearmint essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil