Let us help you awaken the healer within.

When you set the intention of working on self care, addressing the areas of yourself that need attention, and put effort into working through it, you will find that taking care of yourself comes naturally. When you focus on healing yourself on a spiritual level, you’ll instinctively nurture your emotional and physical health as a side effect.

Out of the blue, you may opt for an herbal tea instead of your morning coffee. Suddenly yoga or stretching daily seems appealing, and then you crave water instead of soda. Green juices become delicious and setting boundaries within your relationships becomes easier. You start to feel less guilty about taking care of yourself because you are listening to your body on a soul level, giving your cells what they need to keep you well and taking steps to protect your energy. Beautiful things happen when you learn to love yourself, and that is what we want for you.

Our Mission

Here at Not Your Mother’s Magic, we believe magical things happen when women take charge of their healing. The beautiful thing about energy work is that the practitioner is not a healer, YOU are.

Look at the practitioner as a conduit for energy, like the charger for your phone. We are the link between you and vitality & life force energy. The universe is the power source and we are the charging chord, recharging your “battery” so that you can function at your best.

When your chakras are energized and blockages are cleared (this takes time and consistency, but many notice a difference right away), your quality of life drastically improves. When you receive Reiki, your soul knows how to direct that energy. It sends it where it is needed so that incredible healing can occur.

What are chakras?

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