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What is reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes energetic, emotional, and physical healing. The practitioner can balance and energize specific energy centers (learn about the chakras here) on and around the body through a very light touch. This healing modality is natural, risk-free, and many have reported improvement in all areas of their life upon receiving regular treatments. As an intuitive practitioner, I also am often able to pick up on specific messages from a client’s subconscious that can give insight to the issues they are currently experiencing.

What is seichim?

Seichim originates from Egypt and carries a stronger vibration than Reiki. Using a similar technique, Seichim practitioners are attuned to address physical ailments assuming the source is an energetic block along the body’s electromagnetic plane. Our spiritual, emotional, and physical well beings are all tied together, which is why our bellies ache when we are anxious or our chest tightens when we experience grief. When you look beyond the physical cause of an issue, and identify its source, energy healing is often an effective solution. I use Reiki and Seichim together for all of my clients.

how do crystals help?

Each type of crystal has a different molecular structure and therefore have varying electric charges and energetic vibrations. Science tells us that there is always a reaction when combining any two or more electrically charged forms of matter, and over time we have learned that crystals have an incredibly healing reaction when placed within our own energetic field. Our bodies run off of electricity produced by our nervous system, which is responsible for all of our body systems and their functions - including our emotions and subconscious. Crystals are profoundly beneficial for our emotional and physical beings, which is why I incorporate them into my energy work. I have taken advanced crystal healing courses to better serve you with this knowledge.

What is tarot?

Tarot is a form of divination assumed to have originated around the 14th century. The first cards themselves were birthed in Europe and were created to serve as a card game, similar to the traditional playing cards we have today. However, they were eventually adopted by the mystic community and altered to serve a different purpose. Although tarot cards have a reputation for being used by “fortune tellers,” their usefulness goes far beyond the flashy witch in your local psychic shop. Tarot cards are a an accumulation of images all representing specific people & relationships, personality traits, major life events, situations & challenges, and the cyclic nature of our lives. They essentially embody the entire human experience from beginning to end. They connect to our subconscious and give us visual guidance on areas of our lives that may need more attention, suppressed emotions that we need to process, and make connections from things in our past to issues we are currently experiencing. Tarot readings are very insightful and can offer guidance on career, relationships, personal development, and so much more.

Reiki Sessions

All Reiki treatments include a relaxing herbal tea before the session (optional), chakra assessment, and a crystal therapy.

$60 — 45 minutes

$75 — 60 minutes

Reiki classes available upon request!

Tarot Prices

$5 — One card reading sent to you via email. This can be just for fun, but you will be surprised at how much one card can tell you!

$25 — A detailed reading sent to you via email with a picture of your cards and thorough explanation of their messages. I always respond to follow up emails if you have questions about your reading.

$60 —  60 minutes, either in person or via live video chat.

Workshop and party rates available upon request!

Reiki/Tarot Combo

$100 — Reiki & tarot in one sitting has a very profound healing effect. We start with a tarot reading discussing subconscious blockages and suppressed emotions to help bring them to the surface, then close the session with Reiki to help process them in a relaxed and safe space. This usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours.