“So much of this work is in energy and intuition so I was reluctant to be read by someone I’d never met. I wasn’t certain whether a 15-minute reading could offer a depth of insight. I asked one question. Within seconds Jo’lin answered it, within minutes she’d answered questions that were on my heart but I had not voiced, by the end of the reading she’d provided the affirmation I’d been seeking for months. I left feeling energized and empowered. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to experience this exchange.”
— Ashley D.

Happy Clients


Jo'lin read for me some weeks ago, and while a lot of tarot readers can be flimsy with their messages and the cards mostly left up to the interpretation of the "readee", Jo'lin's insight into the situation and the spread were absolutely spot on! There was no question about the message, nothing was shrouded in mystery or left up to me to interpret, and she brought a strong sense of calm to an otherwise troubled and troubling time in my life. In the end, her message was exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time. She's made a lifelong customer from me, and I recommend her to all my friends!

— Elle U.

Jo'lin is an incredibly gifted, compassionate soul. You can tell she has a natural affinity for the cards and can connect to their energies on a profound level. <3 Her tarot reading provided me with clarity at a time that I needed it most, and every explanation she offered regarding the reading resonated completely for me and accurately reflected the circumstances at hand. This guidance gave me the inspiration and courage I needed to confirm with spirit what my next step needed to be, and to act quickly. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a reading that is quick, accurate, and delivered with your highest good in mind.

— Rachel W.

I have had such a powerful experience receiving Reiki from Jo'lin. After both sessions I have felt a huge positive shift in my experience and feel strongly that emotional, physical, and psychological healing took place as a result. She is a gifted healer and medium and I trust her implicitly with my stuff! I can't wait for more Tarot readings, the one I did receive was spot-on (like, my jaw was dropped through most of it) and the best part is that she gave me actionable insight and advice, I felt like I had something to focus on as a take-away! :) Thank you Jo'lin for your important and beautiful work.

— Ryanna B., The New School Kitchen

Jo’lin gave me such a wonderful experience for my first reading. She took the time to answer all my questions, and really made sure that I understood everything. The energy poured out of Jo’lin-making myself at ease and allowed me to speak freely.nThe reading was really in depth, and I walked away with A LOT of clarity and confidence in my path. I will be using Jo’lin again for readings in the future, I highly recommend her!

— Lauren B.


So last night I met up with Jo'lin for coffee and a Reiki Infused Tarot reading..I went in with a fairly good idea of what I wanted to know but WOW did Jo'lin and the cards deliver. The energy in the space between us was so healing and affirming. As a Reiki practioner myself, I was truly astounded! Jo'lin is not afraid to share the true, message of the cards and how they relate in your life. The Reiki energy was a gorgeous amplifier for the intention & message to come through strong. Jo'lin is so kind and warm, her energy is pure is comforting. If you have been considering reading and are interested in Reiki, look no further. This is truly a powerful and healing offering ♡ Thank you so much Jo'lin , you are amazing!

— Jillian B., The Womb Revolution

I have been watching Jo'lin discover her passion and talent for guiding others on their path for a while now, and her growth and talent have been truly fantastic to see. She is such a shiny happy ray of light, and it is a beautiful thing to watch her explore her passion, with curiosity and caution and courage all at the same time. In a short reading which I asked her to choose for me, never an easy task, she really clarified some things from those cards. As a card reader myself it can be difficult to read for someone you know, because you already have such an idea of who they are, what they struggle with and what they want. She was able to trust and listen to the cards when they were telling her things she had no idea of about me, and provided excellent intuitive guidance that was clear, concise and respectful. Keep growing woman, you have no limits <3 !

— Caroline K.,Inside Out Physical Therapy

My session with Jo'lin was nothing short of amazing! She was so generous with her energy and ability to hold space for me while diving right into what my roadblocks were. She helped me see what was in my blindspot holding me back and how to move forward with this knowledge. She has a beautiful soul and it felt like catching up with an old friend even though we'd just met for the reading, I could have talked to her forever!

— Kate Russ, Aligned Like A Mother

I have to tell you guys: I have never had a Tarot reading in my life, but my session with Jo'lin was so accurate it was scary! Jo'lin is amazingly insightful; She is so easy to talk to and cuts right to the heart of issues with grace and consideration. Because of her service, I now have a much clearer understanding of what 2018 has in store for me and what I need to work on. I encourage anyone reading this to consult her as well. It was an incredible experience!

— Jeannette D.